The mysterious Shroud of Turin

Guido Pagliarino

Im a Christian but my Faith is not based on the Shroud of Turin: its based, directly, on Christ's Resurrection testified by the Apostles; therefore, this essay essentially has the modest purpose to introduce and examine the Shroud and it does not want to induce the reader to believe to think that the Sheet has wrapped Christ's body or, as commonly said, that its authentic; however, I suppose that the affirmative reasons are prevailing: many are the data in favor and only two facts are against and just one of them is objectively considerable: the tests of the carbon14; however, many experts say that these tests were not convincing; the other adverse reason is the anticlerical prejudice: its very strong and leads to consider with nuisance the Shroud without investigating enough the matter.

I thank Miss Gloria Filippi for her precious suggestions about the translation from Italian into English.

Turin, October 19th, 2006

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