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Discourse analysis and Conversation: A new theory of Communication in Alzheimer’s patients on the perspective of the Pragmatic and Conversational point of view thanks to Giampaolo Lai and his scholar Pietro Vigorelli: two famous psychiatrists who live and work in Milan

Conversations are typically characterized by the fact that the patient can answer politely without knowing what he is saying, to words the meaning of which he has not grasped. The formal quantitative grammatical theory of conversation, instead, which puts himself outside the horizon of meaning and focuses on the text’s indicators, explains perfectly well not only the actual formal profile of a single conversation but also the differences between successive conversations of the same patient. (An example, my mother’s conversation, will clearly explained what has been said above).

Studio di linguistica e di semantica

Centro di Programmazione Editoriale, San Prospero sul Secchia 2003, pp. ***.

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