Francesco Alberto Giunta
Journalist, Traveler, Poet and Writer

It is with a great pleasure that we present our readers of Il Ponte an exceptional personality of culture and wisdom: Francesco Alberto Giunta. Born in Paternò (Catania), in 1925, he graduated from the University of Catania, licenced from the Catholic University of Louvain and attended also the Aja academy of International Jurisprudence. His extensive travelings gave him the opportunity to meet many people, and to learn about the places and countries he visited. Presently, he lives in Rome where he is very active in promoting our culture, writing books and collaborating with numerous magazines.

Francesco Alberto Giunta has published four novels in which he revisited his native Sicily reviving his infancy and his subsequent experiences; Traveling on the road, News from Daniele Street, In Lipari One Day Happened, The Place of the Stones. Later he has dedicated his talent in writing short stories which are a synthesis of his imagination and reality: The Sight of Man, In Order not to Miss the Train (this is the most recent collection published in 1999 with the Editor Bastogi, Foggia). He has also published book of poems, one which is in French: La foulke d’un désargenté ou trente-trois chansons oubliées; Words are Things, Towards The Tatra, Ballads and Songs, not; Traveling Stars.

Recently, we received four of his books of which we like to comment here on aTuperTu which is a collection of essays Alberto Giunta wrote on artists, writers, poets and men of culture.

These essays consist of interviews, book reviews and ecounters of famous people during his travelings and researches. This book is also illustrated by many precious and historical pictures underlining Giunta’s meetings with the people he is talking about.

We like to mention a few of them: the poet Leopold Sedar Saaghor in Corfu’, the poet of Senegal Charles Carrere, the French historian Jean de Viguerie, the Cuban author Lisandro Otero, the Japonese Catholic writer Ayako Sono, the Russian writer Cinzig Ajtmatov, and then Mario Sansone, Walter Mauro, Leonardo Sciascia, Desiderio Navarro and Giuseppe Pontiggia.

This book of essays by Francesco Alberto Giunta is very informative to the point that the reader wants to see-what comes next to enrich his knowledge about contemporary literature and its main pillars of whom some recently died like the Spanish poet Rafael Alberti and the Sicilian writer Leonardo Sciascia. But here we have some more names of international renown: Brian Rothman, Carlo Sgorlon, Vincenzo Consolo, the scientist Antonino Zichichi, the playwright Eugenio Ionesco, the Russian poet Eugenij Evtusenko, the French poet Eugene Guillevic, the  . . . Russian author Yuri Pokalchuk and many others like Robert Andre’, Elio Filippo Accrocca, Federico Hoefer, Ernest Sabato Vladimir Karpov and Igino Creati. For each author F. A. Giunta has the right question in the interviews or the correct comment always aware of the stature of personality he is discussing and always accurate in his reports and literary-poetic analyses.

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